When purchasing a ticket, find the letter/number of your destination station on the subway network map at the ticket sales area, and check the fare referring to the Subway Fare Chart. Fare for children (ages 6-12) is approximately half the price as that for adults.

Regular Tickets (¥)
  Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5
Adult 210 240 270 310 340
Child 100 120 130 150 170

How to Ride

(1)Purchasing a ticket (at a ticket vending machine)

In addition to regular tickets, 1 day tickets can also be purchased at a ticket vending machine. For further information about 1 day tickets please refer to Tickets.
※ Instructions on how to purchase a regular ticket and 1 day tickets are posted near the ticket vending machines.

Ticket Vending Machines

(2)Go through the gate and proceed to the platform

Automatic ticket gates are set up at every station. Insert your ticket into the slot on the ticket gate to pass through. Please do not forget to take your ticket when you go through the ticket gate.

Automatic Ticket Gates

(3)Exit through the gate

・Fare Adjustment Machine
If you get off the subway at a station beyond the validity of your ticket, adjust the fare by using one of the fare adjustment machines located in front of the gate. Instructions on their use are posted nearby.
・Exit through the gate
Once again insert your ticket into the slot in the ticket gate to pass through. Regular tickets will remain in the ticket gate, but 1 day tickets will be returned to you, so please do not forget to take them.

Fare Adjustment Machine

Station Area Maps etc.(Getting to your Destination)

Station area maps are installed at every station to help guide passengers to their final destinations. There are also bus information boards for those passengers transferring to a city bus.
Should you have any questions, please ask a station staff member.

  • Station Area Map

    Station Area Map

  • Bus Information Board

    Bus Information Board